Feb 17 2013

How to enter long wireless keys on the PS3

English: Left: An original "fat" Pla...

English: Left: An original “fat” PlayStation 3 (PS3) console. Right: A 120 GB PS3 “Slim” model shown with a DualShock 3 controller. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I recently upped the security on my wireless network and had to enter the new key into the PS3 to get it back on the network. However entering long random keys is a severe pain at the best of times, let alone when it is using the PS3 controller to manipulate an on-screen keyboard. With my laptop and main computer I just put the new key in a text file and on to a thumb drive, using copy and paste to enter it into the authentication window, then deleting the file when done. Nice, easy, and painless.




This is not possible on the PS3, as it will not read .txt files. After several failed attempts at manual entry I decided there must be a way to avoid typing it all in. Luckily there is, all you need is a thumb drive and a computer to access it on.




  1. Create a .jpg file and save it using the wireless key as the name.
  2. Put the thumb drive in the PS3 and navigate to the Photo icon on the XMB.
  3. Go to the thumb drive.
  4. The PS3 will then either list the picture (Go to step 9), or tell you there are none (Go to step 8)
  5. (There are none) Highlight the thumb drive , hit triangle, and select “Show all”, this will give you a list of the contents.
  6. Find the picture with the wireless key as the name, hit triangle, and select copy, this will then copy the picture to your PS3.
  7. Once the copy is complete, find the picture on your hard drive, select it, hit triangle, and select “information”.
  8. The screen now shown, will already have the file name highlighted, so just hit X to edit.
  9. In the bottom right of the on-screen keyboard are the copy and paste options, use the copy option to get the image name/wireless key.
  10. The wireless key is now on your clipboard, so go and set up your wireless network connection as normal, and you can just paste the key in when required.


    • JB on March 17, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    Thank you for sharing!

    It’s a smart hack. Before, It was such a pain. But now, thanks to you, I can finally easily enter a secure WPA key on PS3 :-)

    1. More than welcome JB.

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