December 2011 archive

Dec 03 2011

The Dragonborn comes

I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim recently and I’ve really enjoyed it. In an unusual state of affairs I find myself liking the theme tune a lot too, rather than something to be skipped through as quickly as possible I quite often leave it playing for a little while.  It conveys quite an adrenalin …

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Dec 02 2011

Clean Code – A talk

I’ve recently watched this video of Robert C Martin giving a Clean Code talk at Java Forum in Stockholm. This post will be a mix of description of the talk, and my thoughts on the content. Clean Code, Robert C Martin, Javaforum Stockholm 2011-08-24 from Björn Caroll on Vimeo. It opens with quite an entertaining …

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Dec 01 2011

25 Questions you should ask yourself.

Get your message across

I came across this page today and my first thought was “Yeah, yeah, it will be the same old stuff” and whilst this is true to some extent many of the questions are truly thought provoking, and perhaps even a little scary when you think what your answers could be. Its well worth a look …

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