Mar 03 2011

One month on

I’ve now had the domain for a month and to be honest I’ve not had too much time to commit to it. I’ve gotten as far as a few scribbles for a logo, which if I can translate into an image via inkscape,, or photoshop, will actually be quite cool. I’m still not entirely sure if I’ll try to keep this site as a professional portal into my life, or make it a personal one. Knowing me it will end up a bit of both.

I have a bit of a “big thought” article on the go about what it means to be a good developer, which to me is an interesting thought excercise which will hopefully transform into a good read for anyone who finds it. However the vast time difference between my first post and this one has convinced me I should post smaller pieces more often (even if they stay on the same topic for several posts) as well as keeping a few large pieces slow burning in the background.